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 A horse of a different color!

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PostSubject: A horse of a different color!   Sun May 04, 2008 3:27 am

Decided to bring this over from the other forum, so I could have it here to see.

My goals for 2008:
*Plant a veggie garden.
*Finish painting my house.
*Finish losing weight (will have to wait until after baby, but I'll get there eventually).
*Be more frugal.
*Start painting for fun.
*Catch up on scrapbooking.

My want to do at least before I die list:
* I want to fix up an old/historic home
* I want to live on a farm (10 acres or more) and own my own horses
* I want to landscape my whole yard myself
* I want to live in (or at least travel to) Montana once
* I want to open a coffee shop/bookstore/gift shop/craft store (or any combination of those)
* I want to play clarinet regularly
* I want to learn to play the guitar and the piano
* I want to possibly go back to school for an MLS
* I want to vist the Northwest (Washington state or Oregon, particularly the coast)
* I want to start painting
* I want to learn to sew
* I want to publish a book, story, or poem
* I want to see the British Isles (they are really the only places not in the US that I want to see. Italy would be nice, but is not a requirement)

As always, I reserve the right to add or take away from these lists as I see fit.

My best friend is non-verbal, incontinent, and rough on cats:
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K8 McCridhe

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PostSubject: Re: A horse of a different color!   Fri May 23, 2008 12:36 am

*Achieve some workable form of sanity
*Finish the kitchen koo and get it in working order
*Eliminate so much excess stuff
*Get back to producing art
*Get on the art show circuit
*Gallery showing
*Find a permanent job with benefits like health insurance.
Rolling Eyes lol!

"Bucket List"
*Keep all of us as independent as long as possible.
*Publish a Book. A fun book. Not a technical book. Been there, done that, someone else always got the credit. I want to publish a good read.
*Get an evil reputation in the art community for my irreverance for the art community and appeal to philistines.
*Visit a whole lot more of the world, maybe even space if the price comes down some.
*Photograph some of Nature's more spectacular events.
*Be published in National Geographic Magazine.
*Be a part of the development for independence from Oil, and improvement of our evironment... more than I have been.
*Do some green building of my own home.
*Help Stray design his own kitchen.
*SCUBA diving.
*Get my pilot's liscence.
*Raise an assistance animal before training. (But if my back gets any worse, I may have to raise, train and register my own assistance animal...)
*Retire on New England's South Coast.

Obviously... most of those I'm not going to achieve.
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A horse of a different color!
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